Replacement Parts

Phantom® Bridges & Covers

Note: Identical to the British Jennings Musical bridge cover in every way except no original logo.

10.5mm saddles for stationary bridges / PVB-1 – Bridge, cover & studs $99

10mm saddles for use with Tremolo and 12 strings / PVB-2 bridge, cover & studs $99

Bridge cover separately $49

Phantom® Curly Cords

Available in two sizes (25ft or 30ft) and one color (white) with one straight metal connector and one angled metal connector. Super low noise cable, with very low capacitance. Half the cost of competitors and higher quality.

Size option:


$10 each

T3 Switchcraft style 3 way toggle

3P Sealed ball bearing 3 way slider

5P Sealed ball bearing 5 way slider

Phantom® String Locks

See the SL-1 Center Pull diagram in the gallery by clicking on the image above.

MK2 version that are superior upgrade locking replacement saddles with much higher plating. Available in chrome, nickel or gold.


SL-2 Side Pull


Phantom® Back Pad Kit for Teardrop Guitars & Basses

Screws and maple snaps included. Right-handed (“RH”) and Left-Handed (“LH”) options available.


Phantom® Polishing Cloth

The best polishing cloth you ever own. Made of synthetic chamois. Completley lint free and washable. If you wear glasses, this is the finest cloth available. $7.95 (includes carrying case)

Phantom® Back Pad Kit for Phantom Guitars & Basses

Screws and maple snaps included. Right-handed (“RH”) and Left-Handed (“LH”) options available.

CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. Please check back for updated inventory.

Phantom® Pickups


Phantom® Plastic Knobs


Phantom® Turned Aluminum Knobs


Phantom® Vintage Strap
VS-1 All Leather


Pots 250K Volume & Tone Taper (Solid Shaft)


Chrome Vintage Style Guitar Tuners


CloverLeaf Chrome Vintage Bass Tuners (4 tuners)

These were developed for Phantom® Guitars.


Phantom® Hardshell MandoGuitar Case – currently sold out


Phantom® / Teardrop Hardshell Guitar / Bass Case


Pickup Covers


Teardrop Guitar/Bass Bridge Cover


Chrome Pickup Surrounds and Switch Plates

CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. Please check back for updated inventory.

Pickup Surround $12.50

Switch Plate $7.50

Phantom® Six-Way Selector Switch


Custom-built rotary 6 position switch, the one setting a 5-way switch doesn’t get, the bridge and neck position pickup can be done with the new Phantom 6-way switch. Limit 2 per order.

Selector Knob

Hand tooled knob with aluminum polished top plus detailed filigree threaded shaft.