About Phantom Guitarworks

Here is a treat, well another treat then…if you are interested in seeing our very own PGW founder in one of his original bands… SAND

Don’t be surprised if you wind up buying one of Sand’s old LP’s (ask your dad what an LP is) from the 1970’s. When you listen to Jack play guitar, you will hear why he puts so much pride, and love, into his entire line of Phantom® products!

Phantom Guitarworks ®, (or as we call ourselves, PGW) has brought back the classic abandoned guitar and bass body shapes of a bygone era, the swinging sixties! These instruments are based on the much sought after English instruments from the early era of the Rolling Stones, and the Beatles. PGW has redesigned each of our guitar’s performance, to meet the needs of players today, while retaining all of the time-proven cosmetics and cool style.

Founded by Jack Charles, former guitarist for “Sand” and “Quarterflash,” PGW established in 1992, and holds all of the trademarks on the names, body designs, and headstocks for each of our designs, including the Phantom®, Teardrop®, and Mandoguitar®. With our attention to detail, here is a little known fact: the early British guitars from 1963 through 1965 all had the identical Phantom® script that we use today as our logo. Phantom Guitarworks ® is located just 60 miles northwest of Portland, Oregon along the scenic Columbia River.

All of our Phantom® guitar bodies are made of solid mahogany. Our necks are crafted out of some of the finest hard-rock maple found anywhere. Our fingerboards are beautifully, and skillfully made from the most beautiful Indian rosewood, and the high-gloss yellowed finish that protects each of our instruments; is both beautiful and functional.
All Phantom®, Teardrop® and MandoGuitars® are hand assembled in the United States of America with foreign and domestic parts.

Each guitar we build is hand-wired with silver solder, and all of the pickups and hardware we use are proprietary, all in an effort to replicate the look, overall charm, and feel, of the original 1960’s instruments.

Remember…if your guitar doesn’t say Phantom® ,Teardrop®, or MandoGuitar® it isn’t one!

Jack Charles
PGW Incorporated


Beware of cheap Chinese and Indonesian copies of our guitars, they are, very probably, in violation of US trademarks Reg no. 2,213,612, Reg no. 2,042,713, Reg no 1,956,826 and Reg no 2,768,761.

In the event you do purchase one of these guitars and find them not to your liking, reselling them can be difficult in the US due to the Chinese parent company’s continued trade violations.

Pete Anderson on String Locks:

“What a brilliant idea ! Someone should have thought of this a long time ago. But I am glad Phantom did because I finally have them…”