Mando Guitars

About the Mando

These guitars offer a unique design with a distinctive sound made popular by George Harrison. Just imagine a short scale 12-string guitar tuned one octave higher – it gives the player the ability to play standard guitar fingerings – yet sounds like a cross between an electric mandolin and a 12-string guitar capoed at the 12th fret. Scale 15.9″.

if your guitar doesn’t say Phantom®, Teardrop®, or, MandoGuitar®, it isn’t one!

Colours available: Light Blue and Triburst for the Right Hand model.
Black only for the Left Hand model.

Currently out of stock colours: White, Orange and Light Blue.
Pearl, cream, mint or gold pickguards are available at additional charge of $35.

See our left-handed MandoGuitar available at $849 with white pickguard. $884 with white pearl pickguard.

Additionally – Mando hardshell cases are required for shipping at a cost of $150. For special circumstances to purchase a guitar without a case, please email our owner, Jack, by clicking HERE.The shipping charge on all guitars is a fixed cost of $65.

***PLEASE NOTE: Due to unprecedented demand this year, we are back-ordered 30-45 days from the time of order. We are incredibly grateful for your business and support…and patience! Please feel free to contact us via email HERE with any questions.***

Mando Guitar with Tremolo and Case

Tremolo upgrade is an additional $150

Please check back often for updates and feel free to contact us via email HERE with any questions. We are incredibly grateful for your business and support…and patience!

Mando Guitar Case

Note: Shipping for this case is a fixed cost of $50. Due to high demand, we are currently sold out of these cases. Please check back for updates. As always, we TRULY appreciate your business and understanding!