About Phantom Guitarworks

Phantom Guitarworks ®, has brought back the classic abandoned guitar and bass body shapes of a bygone era, the swinging sixties! These instruments are based on the much sought after English instruments from the early era of the Rolling Stones, and the Beatles.

Founded by Jack Charles, former guitarist for “Sand” and “Quarterflash,” PGW established in 1992, and holds all of the trademarks on the names, body designs, and headstocks for each of our designs, including the Phantom®, Teardrop®, and Mandoguitar®.

Each guitar we build is hand-wired with silver solder, and all of the pickups and hardware we use are proprietary, all in an effort to replicate the look, overall charm, and feel, of the original 1960’s instruments.


Starting at $1,178


Starting at $1,118

Mando Guitars

Starting at $999