Mando Guitars

All of our Teardrop® guitar bodies are made of solid mahogany. Our necks are crafted out of some of the finest hard-rock maple found anywhere. Our fingerboards are beautifully, and skillfully made from the most beautiful Indian rosewood, and the high-gloss yellowed finish that protects each of our instruments; is both beautiful and functional.
All Phantom®, Teardrop® and MandoGuitars® are hand assembled in the United States of America with foreign and domestic parts.

Each guitar we build is hand-wired with silver solder, and all of the pickups and hardware we use are proprietary, all in an effort to replicate the look, overall charm, and feel, of the original 1960's instruments.

Remember...if your guitar doesn't say Phantom® , Teardrop®, or, MandoGuitar®, it isn't one!

Unique design, with a distinctive sound made popular by George Harrison. Just imagine a short scale 12-string guitar tuned one octave higher - it gives the player the ability to play standard guitar fingerings - yet sounds like a cross between an electric mandolin and a 12-string guitar capoed at the 12th fret. Scale 15.9". $749.00 USD

Colours available: Black, Triburst or Light Blue - Right Hand model.
Black, Triburst - Left Hand model.

Please note: pearl, cream, mint or gold pickguards are available at additional charge of $35.00

Currently out of stock colours: White, Orange.
$809.00 USD
Left handed MandoGuitar available: $849 with white pickguard, $884 with white pearl pickguard.
Hardshell cases are required @ $150.00 and will be added
on the store

Mando Guitar with tremolo Salmon Colour $849.00 USDmandoguitar
Mando Guitar case $150.00 USDmandocase