Limited Edition Instruments.

Phantom Guitars™ are an up-dated version of the original JMI (Jennings Musical Instruments from the Golden Era of the 1960's) U.K. guitars. Click on image for description. Limited Editions are released in small quanties three time a year.
Please note: pearl, cream, mint or gold pickguards are available at additional charge of $35.00
Color selections are limited. Call or email for availability
Hardshell cases are required @ $169.00 and will be added
on the store .

Limited Edition Teardrop Hollowbody 6 string w/tremolo. Limited supply.Transparent Purple w/bound neck $999.00
Limited Edition Brian Jones Model: $1250.00
ONLY 20 will be built hand stamped serial numbers
Features: 1.  Yellowed topcoat to simulate a guitar being stored in your closet for 30 years
2.  Custom vintage alnico reproductions of the Jennings 6.0 ohm pickups, the neck position is reverse wound to reduce any hum
3. Hand tooled and polished aluminum pick guard (non magnetic)
4.  High gloss yellowed neck finish
5.  Black back pad kit 6.  Custom reproduction case:  grey basket weave exterior with white pipping, golden yellow interior, and nickel hardware
7. White matching curly cord 25 ft